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Acupuncture is an ancient technique over 3000 years old which consists of inserting needles into very specific points of the body, the acupuncture points. In Chinese medicine, any disease is considered an imbalance of the body. The needles inserted according to a very precise protocol specific to each patient make it possible to rebalance the body and allow it to heal itself. Acupuncture can be performed as dry needle or with electro devices as well as Aqua-puncture of Pneumo-puncture 


According to Chinese philosophy, Qi, the Vital Force, circulates along the meridians The meridians, like great highways, allow the energy necessary for the proper functioning of the body to diffuse to the smallest cell. There are 12 meridians, each related to an organ and 8 marvelous meridians that do not respond to the circadian rhythm. Disturbance of energy flow by a pathogen or trauma creates pain or disease.

How it works ? 


From a scientific point of view, studies have shown that acupuncture points have specific characteristics:

They are small surfaces of 0.1-5 cm in diameter, rich in blood and lymphatic vessels, nerve endings and mast cells. They exhibit increased electrical conductivity and lower electrical resistance compared to surrounding tissues. They are located where the nerves enter the tissues or where the tissues divide. The insertion of an acupuncture needle causes an inflammatory microprocess that results in increased blood perfusion and an increased immune response. Concomitant secretion of endorphins and cortisol induces muscle relaxation and pain relief. Among this, there are neuroendocrine pathways that respond to acupuncture stimuli. 

Current veterinary medicine has made enormous progress in both diagnostic methods and treatments. We can now practice cutting-edge medicine with the same means as in human medicine, whether in internal medicine, surgery, imaging or even oncology.



...So what can acupuncture be used for?


Certain chronic pathologies such as osteoarthritis, allergies, chronic pain, to name a few, do not always respond satisfactorily to the usual treatments. Side effects or limited efficacy may raise the question of the value of the treatment. The veterinarian as well as the owner sometimes find themselves helpless. Acupuncture makes it possible to treat the problem from a different angle by taking into account not only the body as a whole but also the personality of the animal, its environment, its diet, etc. It is a global vision whose goal is to help the body to regulate itself as well as possible. Acupuncture has multiple indications and can be used alone and/or in combination with conventional veterinary medicine.

Indications for the horse?

-Preventive follow-up of the horse in training and during the competition season

-Disorders of the musculoskeletal system: lameness indefinite or affecting several joints, tendonitis, ligament problems, navicular syndrome, laminitis, osteoarthritis, back pain, general decline in performance.

-Chronic diseases of the digestive system: chronic diarrhea, recurrent colic, chronic ulcers.

-Dermatological disorders: allergies, summer itch, urticaria.

-Chronic respiratory diseases: RAO (hay allergy).

-Neurological disorders: paralysis of the larynx, local nerve damage, Wobbler syndrome.

-Pain management: improving quality of life in geriatric patients.

-Reproductive problems: infertility, painful heat.

- Metabolic disorders unresponsive to usual treatment: Cushing's syndrome, metabolic syndrome.

The needles are sterile?


Yes, the needles are sterile and disposable after one unique use . 

How is the consultation?

How many treatments are needed to see improvement ?

This it will depend on the pathology and the patient.

Normally, in   soft-tissue musculoskeletal problems we can see improvement from the very first visit as the pain relief is immediate. 

The first consultation may last up to 2 hours , a complete TCVM diagnosis is performed and explained to the caretaker.

Once the diagnosis is done, we will propose the best treatment plan for your horse 

The treatment plan for a chronic problem may consist on 1 session of acupuncture every 2 to 4 weeks plus the administration of Chinese Herbal medicine, food and nutritional recommendations and  acupressure or Tui-Na massage techniques to perform at home. 

However, every case has its own approach and therefore the  treatment rate may vary. 

Rechecks normally done after one- three  months of treatment. 

Do you want to know more ?

Do you like to know how acupuncture could benefit your animal friend? Le´ts  chat ! 

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