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Testimonials and support    

Reference veterinary professionals in Europe and around the world


Dr. Huisheng Xie, DVM, PhD

Founder & President  Chi University

Reddick, FL, USA 🇺🇸

"Dr. Lorena LLoret  is one of the few western practitioners in western countries that really understand how to practice Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine to heal patients"

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Dr. José Zilberschtein Juffe

Integrative Veterinary Medicine Service Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital,

Surgery and Clinic Equine Service.

College of Veterinary Medicine

University of Murcia - SPAIN 🇪🇸

"Dr.Lorena LLoret balances professionalism and human quality.Her commitment to her patients is intimately associated with her deep understanding of the art of Integrating Western Vet Medicine and Traditional Chinese Vet Medicine. 

Good Veterinarians talk to their patients, but Great Veterinarians like Dr. Lorena LLoret hear them talk back"

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Dr Antonio A. Alfaro 
Silver and Executive Level Practitioner in Balance Method Acupuncture
Director Chi University Costa Rica 🇨🇷

"Dr Lorena  is a wonderful person and very dedicated physician and best acupuncturist, always caring for her patients and fellow vets.

As a great Acupuncturist usually does, she has created her own techniques and TCVM approaches to different animal conditions.

Look at her work in Veterinary Acupuncture Analgesia and Anesthesia, her great Food Therapy recipes, her Integrative Veterinary Medicine and now, her Balance Method Veterinary Acupuncture approach. Do not wait any longer, give her a call to take care of your animal " 


Dr. Fernando Vázquez, DVM, PhD

Former Dean and actual Director at

Veterinary Teaching Hospital 
University Alfonso X 
Madrid, SPAIN 🇪🇸

"Dr. Lorena LLoret was part of  HCV-UAX team for over  7 years in charge of the Integrative Veterinary  Medicine service. 

We  greatly miss her, especially for her human quality and her outstanding  professionalism"

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Dr. Mushtaq A Memon, BVSc, MSc, PhD

Executive Director,  
World Association of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine
Prof Emeritus, Washington State University       Courtesy Prof, University of Florida

"Dr. Lorena Lloret is among one of the best Traditional Chinese Veterinary (TCVM) practitioners and a

global TCVM leader. She serves on World Association of TCVM Board of Directors and on Executive Committee.

Dr Lloret is sought-after TCVM speaker and trainer, participating in numerous training courses and conferences held in the United States, China, Latin America, and Europe.

I am very confident that equine industry in Ireland will benefit from Dr Lloret’s extensive TCVM experience"

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Dr. Natalia Valbuena, DVM 

 Integrative Veterinary Medicine

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
Veterinary Teaching Hospital HCV-UAX 
University Alfonso X -
Madrid, SPAIN 🇪🇸

"Dr. Lorena LLoret  is a professional who transmits a different energy. She is  very empathic as she has a different vision of animals and her integrative approach of Chinese Medicine is innovative with spectacular results.She is an excellent colleague,  fighting every case with great force. Animals treated by her are lucky and those of us who've been able to work along with her, too"

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Dr. Ralitsa  Granchanova, DVM, MRCVS, CVA

V&T Equine Services 

 United Kingdom 🇬🇧 - Bulgaria🇧🇬


"Dr. Lorena Lloret has been my mentor in the world of TCVM since I opened the door to this amazing holistic therapy, which provides relief and hope to some of the toughest cases. I have seen Dr. Lloret’s dedication to her work, how precise and gentle she is with her exams, how much care she takes with her patients and how powerful the results of her treatments are.

She is a professional and a fellow vet to aspire to be like and a treasure of a find for anyone who trusts their animal into her hands, big or small"

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"Hard Workers deserve the Best Luck,

this means... Never give up! " 

We love this affirmation, and we truly believe in it .

We believe as well in strong family values and true friendship.

Without them, nothing it would be possible. 


Dr. Lorena LLoret-Nadal LV, MS, CTCVMP

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