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Traditional Chinese veterinary Medicine ( TCVM)  is a complete medical system that reports originated over 3,000 years ago . 

Such a long and fascinating  history  started on horses , as this magnificent animals were the root and base os success  of the Chinese warriors conquering the Eastern territorial.

Lots of  changes have been done until our times, however the spirit of the horse remains intact and the results achieved with TCVM integrative medicine are spectacular if consistency is applied .

Discover with us how TCVM can help your horse to achieve his  best performance 

Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine 

Puertas rojas

Pillars of TCVM 

TCVM  is very complete and is composed of 4 pillars: Acupuncture, Chinese pharmacopoeia, Tui-Na, Chinese dietetics. The veterinary TCVM practitioner ideally would practice aswell TaiJi or Qi-.Gong, an energizing exercise. 

All these means of treatment are at our disposal to treat the patient as a whole according to his pathology. 

As in conventional veterinary medicine, we make a diagnosis based on the examination of the tongue and the pulse, on the observation of the body as well as on the reactivity of very specific points that we test during the clinical examination of the patient.

We also take into account the patient's diet, his living environment, his character traits (constitution) as well as his physical and mental activity. Then, depending on what we have found, we choose the appropriate technique or techniques to treat his pathology as effectively as possible. 

TCVM works in conjunction with WVM ( Western Veterinary medicine) creating the Integrative Veterinary Medicine.



Hierba medicinal

Chinese herbal pharmacy 

herbs and spices

Chinese dietetics 

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