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Acupuncture and ElectroAcupuncture

How can Acupuncture and ElectroAcupuncture help your HORSE ?

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Acupuncture is defined as “ the stimulation of specific point(s) on the surface of the body by insertion of a filiform needle which induces local, segmental, central and autonomic effects which result in homeostatic and/or therapeutic effects. It has been used for a variety of equine clinical conditions and is a familiar treatment modality to both horse owners and equine veterinary practitioners. Research studies have documented that acupoints are located in areas of focused neuroimmune modulation. Analgesia induced by acupuncture is associated with the release of the neurotransmitters including beta-endorphin and serotonin and its anti- inflammatory effect is produced by regulating proinflammatory factors including interleukin-6 (IL-6) and cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2). These effects are closely associated with what is referred in The Ling Shu book of the “Huang-Di-Nei-Jing (Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine) to as the De Qi response, or the “arrival of Qi”. Probably one of the most popular and modern modalities is Electroacupuncture (EA). It involves the use of a mild electrical current by attaching electrodes and applying a mild electric current to the needles. EA enables penetration of electric energy into the percutaneous and muscle tissue which promotes a more profound local and systemic analgesic response. Some of the indications will include muscle pain management, lameness, colic, and impaction; and other Patterns including diarrhea, infertility, and facial or radial nerve paralysis. EA can be considered a “boost” to the conventional Dry needle acupuncture, whereas it is indicated.

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